Student Testimonials


I would like to give honor, praise and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for guiding me, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to pursue my Master and Doctorate degrees from International Theological Seminary. The program is well structured. The flex-study element allowed me to progress at my own pace, without on-campus class requirements. During the past five years, God enhanced my understanding of his purpose and destiny for my life. Now I believe I am even more equipped to share the Word of God and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ with others. The process took commitment and self-discipline, but was rewarding and satisfying. I am very appreciative of all the ITS professors and administrative staff for their help and encouragement throughout this journey. I am very grateful to be a graduate of ITS (twice). Dr. Justine A. Franklin M.Bs. 2013, Bs.Ph.D. 2017

I want to thank ITS for their commitment to help each person fulfill God's plan for their lives. With, and because of ITS assistance over the years, I became ANOTHER graduate of theirs. To God Be The Glory! Onesimus Henry Jr - D.Div. 2016

I am thankful and humbled for my educational journey at ITS. I earned my Doctorate of Theology over a span of five years. During that time, I was serving as an itinerant minister in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church with over 20 years of pastoral experience. The distance learning program was most helpful considering the number of my different appointments and moves over the years. The comprehensive and challenging doctorate level studies helped me deepen my understanding of God�s Word and mature as a Christian leader. I further express my appreciation to Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Dr. Charles Peeks, Carla Hughes, and Nikki Denton for their encouragement, guidance, and support. -- Dr. Clarence Kelby Heath, Th.D. 2016

I am so proud and excited to be an International Theological Seminary (ITS) graduate. I am very thankful to Dr. Hughes, Carla Hughes, Nikki Denton and the entire staff working behind the scenes for mentoring me and giving me the opportunity to achieve my educational goal. The program and format provided me the opportunity to study at my own pace while fulfilling my family, ministry and career responsibilities. The courses provided a wide range of topics including Biblical Old/New Testament studies, Christian Counseling, History of Christianity, Christian Leadership, and Missions through a comprehensive theological program from a sound Biblical and moral perspective at a modest cost that, most importantly, strengthened my relationship with God. I strongly and highly recommend ITS to anyone serious about enhancing their Christian walk through Bible study while also preparing for further ministry opportunities and ministry career development through higher education. -- Lesa A. Livingston, Th.B. 2015

I recently graduated from ITS with a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. I have attended many different universities in my eighty years of living. ITS is the very best of my educational endeavors. Do I recommend ITS to everyone? You bet I do! The staff at ITS was very friendly and helpful. One could not ask for a better staff. I am still teaching in a Christian school, teaching a Sunday school class at the church I attend and serving our Lord in any way I can. Robert F. Fleming -- BS.Ph.D 2015.

I am a recent graduate of ITS and the Ph.D Program. I discovered ITS while searching for a faith based school on the Internet. Since my enrollment, I have truly enjoyed the flexibility that ITS has provided in allowing me to study at my own pace. In addition, I have always received prompt responses from the staff when making an inquiry by phone or email. Taking courses at ITS has been a rewarding experience, and I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a good theological institution. Thanks again ITS staff for all of the support shown to me while enrolled at the school. -- Sadie John, BC.Ph.D. 2014

I am proud to be an ITS graduate. This program has been an excellent training ground for me as I took on senior leadership roles in my church and religious organization. I have been in ministry since 1985 and the further I got, I realized that if I was going to be in the forefront, it was not enough to be on the same level as those I was leading. As a result, I enrolled in the ITS Theology program. I was working full time while studying. This program allowed me to study on my schedule while working and doing ministry. It gave me the foundation I needed to speak with confidence in any setting. I feel so strongly about ITS I refer the program to others. -- Garth Rolle, Th.B. 2014

As a recent ITS ThD graduate and current ITS PhD Biblical Studies student, I have been truly blessed with my association with ITS. As a career businessman (President & CEO), I needed a format that was flexible enough to accommodate my schedule. As a Dallas Theological Seminary Graduate (MABS), I wanted a curriculum that was both academically challenging and spiritually motivating. As a very active church member (Sunday School Teacher, Lay Preacher, Deacon, Small Group Leader, etc), I wanted to continue growing even though I am now 60+. The distance learning format at ITS helped me accomplish all of these goals. The course work is of the very highest caliber. I have never worked so hard and yet learned so much than in the 4 years I have been an ITS student. I strongly recommend ITS to any serious student of the Bible or theology. -- Dan Schmierer

I am so excited to be a graduate of ITS. I was able to work at my own pace and still continue my other responsibilities. The staff at ITS encouraged me every step of the way and cheered as I finally reached my goal. The degree program challenged me to learn and helped prepare me for ministry as I deepened my walk as a Christ follower. I recommend ITS to anyone preparing for ministry. -- Steven Blanton Bachelor of Theology, 2012

My name is Michael Gene Miller and I live and work in the San Antonio, Texas area. I selected ITS for my doctoral studies after review of several alternatives and the recommendation of a pastor friend of mine. I decided to pursue the degree to learn more about the Lord in general and become deeply versed in the topic He selected for me for the dissertation. I have a full-time secular job and try (as we all should) to "bring the Gospel with me" everywhere I go. I also support a local drug and alcohol recovery ministry, as well as minister at my local church as the leadership directs. My affiliation with the ITS staff and faculty has blessed me richly, and I can wholeheartedly recommend the ITS programs to anyone who wants to server the Lord more fully.

My name is Chris Eckert and I am Senior pastor of a United Methodist Church in Alabama. I earned the Doctorate of Theology from ITS. I found more Christian Education at ITS than I found at my other Universities. I have also recommended some friends to ITS. They found the same caring that I did. ITS is very student friendly and always earnestly cooperating with its students.

My name is Eric and I am a Youth Pastor in South Carolina. I am so thankful that I discovered ITS on the Internet. I graduated in 2002, along with the Baptist Church in which I work and ITS steadily encouraging me. I was able to graduate with an enormous amount of Biblical Education. I have recommended several friends to ITS. They have received the same encouragement and help.

I heard about ITS on the radio announce its program in Counseling while I was driving across Florida. The Lord spoke to me and told me this is where I should enroll to enter the counseling ministry into which He was calling me. When I got home I called and enrolled over the phone. That was 14 years ago. Today I have earned my Masters and Ph.D in Counseling. I have been involved in the Counseling ministry for nearly all of these years and have been very successful. I love you ITS! -- Cindy Allen

I became a student of ITS to learn about the Bible and all the Bible is about. I am doing just that! It is amazing that I went so long assuming that I knew so much. Now I am well on my way to becoming knowledgeable in the Word. I know what is going on when I hear others preach and teach. I recognize Bible names, places and passages when I hear them. I also am able to understand more clearly what I read. ITS is awesome. -- Chris

I am president and founder of Community Empowerment Outreach in Baltimore Maryland. God has blessed me with wonderful success. I have been delivered from tragedy to triumph and opportunity. I have been able to graduate from 2 major universities but I am just as excited about my Doctorate degree from International Theological Seminary. In this Institution I was able to build my confidence and increase my skill in the Word of God. ITS has been first in many things and it is first in my education. -- Lillie Coley

My name is Gehu Pierre and I pastor a Haitian church in West Palm Beach, Florida. I graduated from ITS and became Ordained in ITSMA. Since then, in the past three years, my church has spread all over. It is growing with a burst of anointing. Later, my wife became a student also in ITS. She already has a Masters degree in a secular field but wanted to know more Bible. She too, is happy with ITS.


ITS offers a 25% tuition discount for spouses of current students who also enroll in an ITS degree program. If your husband or wife has been thinking about working on their ITS degree, tell them now is the time to start! Contact us for an enrollment packet.