ITS Disseration Guidlines

Definition: a formal discourse; treatise; disquistion

A Dissertation is always encouraged and accepted at ITS for Doctoral students. It is important that you know what we expect the standards of your Dissertation to reach. The Dissertation is a more formal work than a thesis.

It must include:

  1. A religious subject approved by ITS.
  2. A cover page that includes your name, the program for which the dissertation is being submitted and the date.
  3. A well developed outline of your work.
  4. An honest self-evaluation.
    1. Where do you feel you were deficient.
    2. Where do you feel you succeeded.
  5. A minimum of two thousand words per credit hour (final dissertations for Doctoral candidates should be in the range of 65,000 to 80,000 words).
  6. Foot notes and a detailed bibliography must be included.
  7. A statement on the fly leaf must state:
    This Dissertation Is Presented To International Theological Seminary for (Name of Student) to meet the requirement For the Doctor of (Program)
  8. All Dissertations must be typed and bound (at book or office store).
  9. It must include in the preface the number of words for each chapter or section and then totaled at the bottom of page.

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